What Michael Newcomer loves about working with the Rêve team.

Today we’re interviewing a great agent on our team: Michael Newcomer. He’s been working with us for 15 months now, but he’s known about us for a lot longer. We asked Michael a couple of questions about working on the Rêve team.

What’s your favorite memory of working here?

My favorite memory is probably my entire career working here alongside Tracy, Joey, and Ryan. 

What is your favorite thing about Rêve?

The location is definitely great, but my favorite thing is the consistency of our messaging. Everything is the same across the board; we’re all treated fairly, and the resources are available to everyone. 


“Rêve is committed to community, and that’s not just lip service.”


What tools have helped you the most? 

The branding and the consistency in our marketing have helped me the most. The way we do mailings, pre-listing, and post-sale help a lot. We have the ability to do branded social media, and our signage is probably the best in the city. 

My three-year-old thinks every Rêve sign in town is mine because he recognizes the colors, and that’s probably one of the best examples of branding that works. People recognize the colors, and that alone gets people to recognize Rêve.

How does Rêve’s branding compare to other brokerages’ branding?

I’ve been with other brokerages in the past, but I think there’s a slickness and modernity to Rêve’s design that pairs well with how we’re a digital brokerage. All of the marketing is being done in a streamlined, progressive style. 

I think Rêve’s style is easily the most recognizable. I don’t travel out of New Orleans proper much, but I like Rêve’s marketing the best as a consumer; it looks cleaner than the others.

Do Rêve’s connections help with your personal endeavors?

Sure! When you’re with a brokerage that has the premiere agents in town, you’re going to have access to resources much quicker than you would on your own. Our internal communications help you trust that when someone gives you a recommendation, it’s a good one. 

It helps more with real estate than renovations, but having access to agents who are going through the same issues is totally a benefit. 

What would you say to new agents thinking about joining Rêve?

When you’re interviewing brokerages, look for the organization that is designed to help you succeed. This is an individualized profession, so there’s only so much they can do. However, the right resources at the right time can really help, and I think Rêve has that. 

For new agents, it’s not only about having the opportunity to hit the ground running but staying forward-thinking. 

What are your final thoughts?

The thing I like most about Reve is its commitment to community and that it’s not just lip service. Of course, we’re buying and selling houses, but there’s so much more to it. The owners are really invested in this place. That’s part of what drew me in in the first place, and it remains a bright spot. I can feel proud to be part of this organization.

Thanks again to Michael Newcomer. If you have any questions about our team or the industry in general, feel free to call or email us. We’d love to hear from you.