Here’s why having curiosity is the key to handling many objections.

Clients have been consistently asking us a lot of questions like these:

  • Are we in a housing bubble?
  • Is it going to burst? 
  • How will increased rates affect my ability to sell?

My advice to you is to remember that we’re all constantly bombarded with outside influences and a news cycle that changes from minute to minute. How can you, as a fiduciary and leader, advise your clients while exuding professionalism and staying true to yourself?

“Being curious is never a bad look.”

We’re all experiencing the world at the same time, with varying backgrounds, concerns, and interpretations influencing our actions and goals. Perhaps the best way to handle any questions from your client is to be curious about their concerns. By asking questions and digging to discover what their underlying concerns are, you can better serve them and provide insight into how you can help meet their needs. 

Being curious is never a bad look. Speculation and alarm, on the other hand, may backfire and cause additional duress about their financial outlook. In the words of one of my favorite (fictional) people, Ted Lasso, “Be curious, not judgemental.”

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