Three talking points on why sellers should list their houses in winter.

Seasonality has returned to our housing market. While the time of year mattered less in our market when interest rates were low, things have started to return to normal. This means that activity has slowed down for the winter months; in fact, many agents are reporting that plenty of buyers and sellers plan on waiting things out until spring to hit the market. 

The truth is that winter can be a great time to sell—you just need to convince your clients of it. That’s why I’m sharing three talking points you can use with your clients to illustrate why winter can be a great time to move:

1. Less competition. Since fewer people list their homes in winter, your clients’ properties will be more likely to stand out. This means you will have a stronger position at the negotiating table and can secure a better deal for your clients. Even with fewer buyers, your client will be in a position to secure top dollar. 

“Your clients won’t have to worry about a hyper-fast market.”

2. Serious buyers. Most window-lookers tend to get out of their homes during spring, but this isn’t the case in winter. If someone has decided to get out and look at homes during the colder months, it’s because they are dead serious about purchasing a house. This means your client will waste less time with showings or offers that don’t go anywhere. 

3. More flexibility. When the market is moving at a breakneck pace in spring, your clients don’t usually get to decide how or when a sale happens; they just need to take what they can get. However, serious buyers are willing to be more flexible with things like move-in dates. This could make it easier to set up a simultaneous sale and purchase for your clients. 

By using these talking points, you can secure more listings in winter and keep your business strong despite seasonal shifts. As always, don’t hesitate to call or email me. I am always willing to help!